Athletic training designed to take you to the next level at any age

You deserve an athletic training program that is uniquely designed to zero in on your personal training focus. Our athletes come from a variety of disciplines as diverse as competitive tennis and power lifting. No matter where your starting point is set, we have the staff and equipment to take you to the next level.

Our personal trainers are experienced with working with athletes with diverse goals and ages. We design programs with tangible steps to meet your goals. One of the only training facilities for serious young athletes in Southwest Michigan, we take their unique physiology into consideration.

The training room consists of three main spaces. The turf lane is available for sprint training and sled pushes / pulls. The second space is dominated by “The Rig” which has 6 squat rack stations, 16 pullup stations, 5 sets of wood gymnastic rings, and 6 dip bar stations. Finally, the Oly Lifting lane which has sufficient space for Cleans/Jerks/Snatches and features a wood lifting platform to prevent instability from the rubber flooring. The room includes 4 Concept 2 rowers in this section and we are also planning to expand by adding 4 15-ft. climbing ropes.

Contact us to connect with a coach or personal trainer to learn more about this equipment and reach new levels of your personal best.

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