Adult Tennis- Fall 2019

Grand Rapids Racquet + Fitness offers a number of opportunities for adults to improve their play. Whether you’re a first-time player or a long-time devotee, you can be confident that our team will work with you on fundamental, intermediate, and advanced skills.


3.0 Women’s Drill

Ok… You’re starting to take this tennis thing seriously, this is your next step. Drills are designed to assist  performance levels in local league play. Coaches are experts in proper techniques and strategy.


3.5 Women’s Drill

Moving on up… This group is designed to refine racquet skills and improve footwork. Learning how to set up and move properly players will improve their court coverage as well as handling today’s more advanced shot-making  requirements.


4.0 Women’s Drill

This group is serious fun. This is for higher level players that enjoy fast paced drills and being pushed athletically. No room for the timid here. Advanced strategy and techniques are stressed. Designed for players who want a truly competitive experience.


Adult Beginner

Learn tennis now! There is no reason to be anxious or afraid. All tennis players were beginners at one time. So get started in a fun filled, easy to understand environment. Instructors will stress the basics to get you up and playing fast.


Adult Intermediate

Love to play but cant find a match? or  do just want to work on your game? This is the group for you. This is a mixed gender classes that combine instruction with fast paced games and drills. Join us on the court for a fun and enjoyable workout.


Ladies 3.5 Matchplay

Players wanted! come join  our weekly 3.5 match-play. Our professionals oversee and organize this group so that all participants have a positive experience.


Cardio Tennis

A great way to get your Tennis and Cardio work out combined. Fast paced drills and activities set to music will allow you to reach your heart target rate. Come and feel the burn!  Days and times will be scheduled based on interest.

3.5 Mens Drill

Come out and work those strokes or enjoy some fast paced competition. Either way be prepared for a great workout.

50/50 Pickleball/Tennis

Our newest group! Pickleball is sweeping the nation.  Come learn a new sport that can also be used to augment your tennis game skills and vice-a-versa.  Days and times will be scheduled based on interest.

Please note: Individual classes are available only if space permits. Per class “drop ins” require advance signup through the service desk, by phone, or online.

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